British property: Is It Finally Time To Sell?


07 June 2015

We’re living through a property bubble.

Nearly all the data on British housing points to this conclusion. And history suggests it’s inevitable that house prices will fall. 

But the question is, when?

And, perhaps more importantly,what you should be doing with your property right now

On one side of the debate, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a housing correction is almost upon us. For instance, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 57% of people believe that it’s now a good time to sell. 

And asking prices for property are falling at the fastest pace on record, according to August 2014’s figures. 

As one surveyor said: “We are now having to re-adjust asking prices to encourage offers.” 

If this trend continues, we could be about to see the housing market plummet by a massive 15-20%. Just imagine finding out that your property had lost that much of its value. It could be a very nasty shock.

But there’s another, very important side to this story – one that most people are unaware of... 

You see, the Bank of England don’t want house prices to come down. They know that rallying house prices are a big part of Britain’s economic recovery. And that’s why they’re doing everything in their power to keep house prices up.

They want this housing bubble to carry on for a while yet. And with the power at their fingertips to manipulate Britain’s interest rates as they please, they might be able to do just that.

So what should you do? Buy? Sell? Or stick with what you have? 

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